If McGill University is your market, let The McGill Daily be your medium. With 20,000 copies on the stands every week, The Daily and its sister paper, Le Délit, are the best way to reach the entire McGill population.

The McGill Daily publishes three times a week during the academic year (September to April).

Circulation: 20,000 copies per week

Frequency: three times per week

  • Mondays: The McGill Daily (7,000 copies per issue)
  • Tuesdays: Le Délit (6,000 copies per issue)
  • Thursdays: The McGill Daily (7,000 copies per issue)

Distribution: At multiple locations on the McGill University campus in Montréal, Québec.

Advertising Representative
For enquiries, contact your advertising representative:
Boris Shedov, General & Advertising Manager
Email: ads@dailypublications.org
Telephone: +1 514 398-6790
Fax: +1 514 398-8318

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