Apply to the Board of Directors
The Daily Publications Society (DPS) is seeking volunteers to sit on its Board of Directors.

In order to become a candidate, you are invited to answer all the questions in this form and provide a pensketch of up to 250 words. Directors will be nominated by the current Board of Directors and elected at the Society’s Special Meeting of Members. Candidates are strongly encouraged to be present at the Special Meeting of Members.

Interested candidates can fill the form below, or download a PDF copy and bring it to the DPS Business Office (Shatner University Centre, B-26) during business hours, or email a scanned or electronic version to

If you have any questions concerning this process or any other aspect of DPS governance, please contact the chair at

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There are additional application requirements and responsibilities associated with this position.

Part-time students are included.

Answer the questions in this section only if you are a registered McGill student.

To be in satisfactory standing, your CGPA must be above 2.00.

In no more than 250 words, describe your leadership and management experience, and detail your personal relationship to the Daily Publications Society or with its newspapers.

I certify that all the information on this form is correct. I affirm that, if elected, I consent to serve on the Board of Directors of the Daily Publications Society.