The McGill Daily

In publication for over 100 years, The McGill Daily has been an important training ground for generations of journalists. Currently the second largest student newspaper in Canada, The McGill Daily circulates 5,000 issues every Monday throughout the school year. Read it online at

Le Délit

In publication since 1977, Le Délit is the only French-language newspaper serving the McGill campus. It circulates 5,000 issues every Tuesday throughout the school year. Read it online at

Young, Intelligent Audience

McGill University is world-renowned and consistently rated as Canada’s top university in the medical, science and engineering fields. Our readers include multilingual, cosmopolitan McGill undergraduate and graduate students aged 17-30, faculty, administrators and support staff, as well as campus visitors. Our diverse potential readership is over 40,000 per print issue. 

An Independent Voice

As the first and most established independent media on campus, we are valued by our readers for our progressive content. For over 100 years, our publications have been recognized as one of the best sources of student journalism across Canada. Both The McGill Daily and Le Délit have earned multiples awards such as the “Publication of the year” awards (SSMU) and le Prix du Devoir de la presse étudiante (Les Amis du Devoir). Additionally, several of our editors have received the John H. Price McDonald Award for Excellence in Student Journalism (Canadian University Press) in several categories, the CWA Canada Award for Labour Reporting (Canadian University Press/Communications Workers of America Canada) as well as the Award for Excellence in Education Journalism (Canadian Association of University Teachers).

A Multimedia Experience

Our newspapers feature full-color, magazine-style covers which set our publications apart and grab readers’ attention. Our unique circulation system allows the prominent display of each issue for a full week. In addition to the traditional newspaper format, the content of each issue is available online, where users can access bonus content and media galleries, post comments and share articles for a more interactive experience. Each issue can also be browsed through a PDF reader for a more authentic newspaper experience. Our websites are designed using a responsive layout to accommodate a variety of devices (including tablets and smartphones).

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