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Advanced print technical guidelines
Advanced web technical guidelines

Does advertising content need to be approved?
The short answer is yes; the DPS reserves the right to refuse any advertisement at any time. If you’re concerned that your ad material may get turned down, please submit your material for review as early as possible.

What is your boycott list?
National Defense, Canadian and foreign, including recruitment (Daily only)
Oil companies, including recruitment
Pharmaceuticals, including recruitment and prescription drugs
Gambling and online casinos
Escort services, adult (xxx) content and websites
Political parties (federal, provincial or municipal)
Any ad material that is racist, sexist or discriminatory in nature

Can I change or cancel my ad?
You can, but we must receive your request before the closing date. Contract cancellations will be short-rated to the rate closest to the number of print ads run and/or amount of online display.

When do I need to send the material?
All ad material should be sent by 2 pm, 3 business days prior to publication.

What happens if I don’t respect the deadline?
If new material is not received by the deadline, we reserve the right to use prior ad material.

Can you design my ad for free?
Sure! Just send us the text and any artwork, photo, and font you would like us to use. Our in-house graphic artist will assemble the ad for you. Please note that we cannot design ads for other newspapers or use copyrighted pictures.

How many copies do you print?
We publish 10,000 newspapers per week throughout the school year. The McGill Daily publishes 5,000 copies on Mondays, while Le Délit publishes 5,000 copies on Tuesdays.

Where are the newspapers distributed?
Our newspapers are distributed throughout the McGill campus and at a few key locations in downtown Montreal.

Who reads your newspapers? How many readers do you have?
Our readers include McGill undergraduate and graduate students aged 17-30, faculty, administrators and support staff, as well as campus visitors. Our diverse potential readership is over 40,000 per issue.

Can I place English ads in the French newspaper, or vice versa?
That decision is left to our editors. Please send us the text as early as possible and we will submit it for their approval.

Can you translate my ad?
Sure! Depending on the length of your text, we may need to charge a translator’s fee, however. Send us your text and we will provide you with an estimate.

Is there a fee to correct spelling and grammar?
We always proofread our ads before sending them to print and will gladly correct a few mistakes for you. If the text contains more than 10 mistakes or is deemed incomprehensible, we may ask you for a revised version or offer to rephrase or retranslate it ourselves. Whether we request a fee will depend on the length and complexity of your text. Our translator will provide you with an estimate.

Can I advertise on your Facebook page?
We do not accept advertising on our Facebook pages at this time. However, we may use Facebook and other social media to promote a contest or giveaway. Please contact addesign@dailypublications.org for more information.